I was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles when I was a child. I discovered the soothing effect of strumming a guitar - at 17. Soon after, I started composing songs and melodies. It took me years to realize that I wanted to do something with all of it. I went out and purchased some recording equipment a few years ago. Procrastinated...then recorded Simcha Belibi ep and released it at the end of 2009.

Since the release of "Simcha Belibi", the feedback has BH been phenomenal. Radio stations in the US and Israel have picked up the songs and have been playing them since. A single called "Ahavta Otanu" released in late 2010, has even made it to "Kol Berama's" top 20 show on the popular Israeli radio station. The Music has been praised by industry insiders such as Nachum Segal, Country Yossi and by "Jewish Insights" website founder, Yossi Zweig.

At the present time, I am working on the LP due B'ezrat Hashem as soon as I can get it all done... It's taking way longer than I want it to.